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Master Gardener facts and figures – nice work!

Master Gardener facts and figures – nice work!

The North London Master Gardeners had a bumper crop of activity in the autumn of 2011. A quick summary of Master Gardener activity:

72 volunteers are now supporting community growing and mentoring households.

21 new MGs joined the programme at our fourth foundation training in October and boosted numbers significantly but the really significant fact is that as we enter the third year of this programme, 81% of the volunteers we have trained are still with the programme which is fantastic.

45 households/groups who Master Gardeners offer 12 months of free advice and support to were recruited. The households consisted of 156 adults and 318 under-16s. Lots of Islington Master Gardeners work with school and youth groups which is a brilliant way of encouraging outdoor activity and healthy eating in both the children and their parents.

587.5 registered hours of activity (and I know there’s more unreported work going on!) This includes some activity late-reported from the summer.

Islington Master Gardeners spoke to 1651 people in the wider community, nice work folks!

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