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Cutting, layering and dividing – MGs get stuck in at another Training Day

Cutting, layering and dividing – MGs get stuck in at another Training Day

Another successful Master Gardener training day took place on Saturday in the wonderful surroundings of the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden in Hackney.

17 Master Gardeners from all over North London came to learn about the techniques of propagation in a practical session led by Philip Turvil, Project Manager of the Master Gardener Programme.



The session covered how to take cuttings of hardwood, softwood and roots, and the art of division and layering with opportunities to get hands on practice on living plants.  Each participant got to take home comfrey roots and other growing delights.

Philip demonstrating dividing



Tania and Kate taking a cutting

potting comfrey roots

































Kate using a spade to divide roots

This was followed by a session on identifying ways for the group to collaborate more with each other and realise the expertise that exists within the group.  You can find a full list of all Master Gardeners to see who lives close to you on the resources section of the website here. Useful ways to share knowledge was discussed including the Forum pages of the website, Facebook and getting together more often as a group.








In the afternoon everyone made their way to the nearby Made in Hackney Local Food Kitchen to learn about fermentation techniques with workshop leader and grower Mike Logan. On the menu was sauerkraut and kimchi using only locally sourced organic ingredients. Everyone had a go at chopping and squelching the ingredients and most importantly got to take home delicious samples of what was made.

Anne filling jars with kimchi vegetables

Group making sauerkraut

Group learning about fermentation

Helen squelching the kimchi

Putting kimchi into jars













































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