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Grow Clyde Road – a new Master Gardener project launches with The Peabody Housing Trust

Grow Clyde Road – a new Master Gardener project launches with The Peabody Housing Trust

February 11th 2014

Garden Organic and The Peabody Housing Trust are launching a new partnership to set up a grower’s group among residents of the Clyde Road Estate in Tottenham, North London. Made up of 122 properties, any resident will be eligible to join.

The project will consist of a series of regular drop in sessions throughout the growing season covering a variety of growing topics like seed sowing, composting, container growing and exotic crops. The meet ups will be led by a sessional worker with support from a network of active Master Gardener volunteers from Garden Organic who will have years of food growing expertise to share. Residents will have the opportunity to share their food growing knowledge and enthusiasm with their fellow residents.

The Estate is made up of a rich and diverse mix of residents from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and the growers group is intended to be a way to bring the different communities together in a fun and interactive way through a shared passion for gardening.

The first planning session is being held on Tuesday 18th February at 4.30pm for residents to talk about what they’d like to grow, and anyone from the nearby area is welcome to attend. If you are interested please contact Nynke Brett, Project Coordinator, Grow Clyde Road

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