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Herbs, Spuds and Beetroot

Herbs, Spuds and Beetroot

After the morning rain, which was much needed, we got stuck into a couple of hours of gardening.

April is a busy time for gardeners, getting the soil ready, mulching fruit, sowing hardy crops in the ground, sowing tender crops indoors and last-minute planning.

The plot on Fairweather Close looked much better after last month’s workshop, with the soil in good condition, the herb strip thriving with new growth, bushy broad beans poking through, onions, garlic, strawberry plants, salad burnet and rhubarb. We did some careful seed sowing with three colourful varieties of beetroots, and some leaf beet, which will look beautiful, and is a great cut-and-come-again green leafy crop.

It was great to talk to some passing residents about the best way the harvest the herbs to use straight away in their kitchens, so many to choose from!

With the soil temperature warming up slowly, quite a few weeds needed removing with a hand trowel. Next month it should be warm enough to plant out the more tender crops such as tomatoes, runner beans, French beans, courgettes, squashes and chillies.

Inside the potting shed, there was little sign of any chillies, but the sunflowers and runner beans that Ciaran had sown in small pots were looking really healthy. Kim and her sunflower-loving granddaughter were really excited as it will soon be warm enough to transplant these outside.

Master Gardener Phil Guest donated some netting that will be used to protect the brassicas from being nibbled. A brassica bed is planned for part of the plot on Elizabeth Clyde Close.

The two varieties of seed potatoes that had been chitting in the potting shed for about six weeks were planted out by the herb strip on Elizabeth Clyde Close. These should be showing by the next workshop.

We are coming to the end of the Garden Organic workshops, with our final session this May. Do come along to plant some fantastic summer crops and join the gardening group.











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