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Summer Planting and Strawberries for final session on Clyde Road

Summer Planting and Strawberries for final session on Clyde Road

The morning grey skies cleared just in time for us to get everything ready for the main growing season. Before the session officially started, Ciaran and Charles were already setting up with an array of lush plants ready to go in the two communal beds.

We tidied up the bed on Fairweather Close, and got it ready for the summer plants. Denis and his brother were also on hand to help out on the bed, and draw some pictures to decorate the potting shed.

First went in a bean wigwag to support the runner beans, which had been growing in the potting shed for a while now. They’d started climbing onto each other, so we had a bit of fun gently separating them. Lots of nasturtiums went in around the base as a companion plant to deter the aphids from the runner beans.

Six cherry tomato cordons were planted in deeply with some pot marigolds dividing them. These need training up canes so they thrive and are easier to harvest. A courgette plant went in after digging in some extra compost, as they are very hungry, but productive plants. Some bok choy seedlings also went in.

A few of the strawberry plants had started to produce fruit, so we mulched the ground around them to stop the fruit rotting and prevent weeds taking over.

Over on Elizabeth Cylde Close, Phil and Charles planted in a range of brassica plants – kales, calabrese, and some French runner beans and bush tomatoes.

It was great that Robert could also join us and we caught up with Kim and Litfiye!

This session was Garden Organic’s last on Clyde Road. The residents will continue to volunteer their time, support, and skills to keep the project growing. The residents will be holding weekly Saturday sessions this summer. Happy gardening!

“I wanted to say a really big thank you to an especially dedicated resident Ciaran and to Master Gardener Phil Guest who has been invaluable in his ongoing support for the project,”          Bex

Grow Clyde Road was a partnership between Garden Organic and The Peabody Housing Trust to launch a grower’s group among residents of the Clyde Road Estate in Tottenham, North London, made up of 122 properties.

The project consisted of a series of regular drop in sessions throughout the growing season covering a variety of growing topics like seed sowing, composting, container growing and exotic crops. The meet ups were led by sessional worker Bex Clarke with support from Phil Guest. Phil is a Garden Organic Master Gardener, one of a network of volunteers who will have years of food growing expertise to share. Residents also had the opportunity to share their food growing knowledge and enthusiasm with their neighbours.

The Estate is made up of a rich and diverse mix of residents from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and the growers group was intended to be a way to bring the different communities together in a fun and interactive way through a shared passion for gardening.

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